Disposal Trailer Rentals

Do you need a disposal bin, but don't have enough space? Need a container to dispose of junk but live in an apartment? 


Our Disposal Trailers fit anywhere a car can! We can leave them in underground parking areas, short or steep driveways. Have a delicate stone driveway? Our trailers will not cause any damage or marks on your property! 

Another big advantage of ordering a trailer over a disposal bin is that you will pay much less! 

- Low Cost

- Fits Anywhere

- No Damage to Property

- Higher Recycling Rate

- No Deposit Required

Our Junk Removal Trailers are always hand unloaded by our team. This assures that everything is either donated or recycled properly. 

What Will it Cost

Property Management Firms or Stratas please contact us for special rates

Trailer FAQ's

What size are the trailers?

Our trailers are 4ft wide X 2.5' high X 6ft long. 

Unlike a disposal bin, our trailers can be loaded as high as you want, don't worry about going over the top. Even get creative and build up the sides with cardboard, pallets or plywood! 

Will the trailer damage my driveway?

Absolutely not! Unlike large steel disposal bins that can damage your driveway, our trailers are on wheels and locked in place. They will not damage your property.

Is there anything I can't put in the trailer?

Currently we do not accept asbestos or anything marked "Hazardous". We do not accept human or animal waste, medical needles or medical waste.

What if I need help loading?

If you would rather we come and do the loading for you, please refer to our Junk Removal page. We offer a full service Junk Removal solution. 

How long will it take to get a trailer?

Typically we can get a trailer to you the same day or next day. Have a project coming up? Try to give us a couple of days notice to guarantee your trailer is on time. 

Do you offer volume discounts?

If you have a large project going or are a strata doing a large cleanup. Please call us and we will help out where we can. 

Contractor pricing is available to those using the service frequently.