Trust Your Project To Us


Have you just moved into a new home? Looking to refurbish your existing yard? Let ShackMaster take on your project, with our knowledgable staff we can transform your space into something you will be excited to show off!

We start by meeting with you, after all it is your dream that we are trying to fulfill! Once we get a basic list of your wants, then we will take a look at the space we are working with, this will allow us to come up with a plan based on what you told us and what is possible within the space and your budget. 

Once we have established the layout, we will then send you a drawing of what we think you are looking for, this is your opportunity to review and let us know about any changes you would like to make. Once we have the final approval we will begin on creating your dream space. 

Some of the services we provide are:

New Lawns / Lawn Replacement – We can put down brand new lawn on a new build, or we can pull up the existing and put new lawn down to give you that perfectly manicured look. We will also work with you if we think that your old lawn can be salvaged to look like new again.

Tiers – Want levels in your yard? We can put them in to give your space a beautiful “3D” facelift.

Walkways – We love putting in concrete, brick, tile or gravel walkways. Just let us know what type of walkway you want and we will create it for you.

Fire Pits – Would you like a beautiful brick pad with a camp fire in the centre so you can sit around and roast marshmallows with the family? We love projects that bring family together and these are among our favourites! 

Looking for something else? Get hold of us and we will be glad to help!