Pressure Washing

 ShackMaster offers complete pressure washing services for your residential, commercial and industrial projects. We offer efficient, cost-effective solutions for your property cleaning projects. 

Water-based cleaning is the most effective method to clean surface dirt, faded paint, mold or mildew build-up, discoloration, and environmental pollutants.

Here on the West Coast we get a lot of rain! The result of this rain is that nasty green layer of mold and grime that makes your property look a shade unsanitary. Pressure washing is a quick easy solution to cleaning your deck, patio, driveway and siding. Not only is pressure washing affordable, the results are immediate and effective.

We provide power washing using spray gun or flat surface cleaning equipment. Our quality equipment, cleaning products, and experience ensure that we are able to remove years of weathering, pollution, algae, moss, weeds and slime.

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If you are a Property Management Firm or Strata Manager, please contact us for a custom quote.